Content Marketing & Communication

Our aim is to build a strong bond between trivago and our end-users by producing and distributing valuable content that informs and engages them on both an emotional and intellectual level. Always aiming to create content which is relevant to our readers while remaining valuable for business, we continually strive to find innovative methods of achieving both goals. Curious? Check out our travel blog:

Avis de l'équipe

"There is an old saying that Publicity is what everyone prays for. That is why I like doing PR. Because I have the chance to make one’s prayers come true. PR is all about perception - a very powerful concept that can make or break a business. "

Christina Leni

"What I like most about my job is that I have the chance to think about travel related topics all day. Being up-to-date with travel trends, creating news articles and keeping contact with influential journalists are the things I really enjoy.”

Alberto Calcerrada