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Providing our users with the most accurate hotel information and excellent hotel deals has been our focus since day one, and remains our focus today. Hotels and booking sites should be easily found, and able to compete fairly, with equal opportunities to advertise their rates and promote their content on trivago’s marketplace.

Are you an Independent Hotelier?

Your hotel is unique, and no one knows this better than you do. Take control of your hotel profile for free with trivago Business Studio. Our free, easy-to-use marketing platform enables you to build a unique hotel profile and boost your ranking on trivago.

The free Basic version empowers you to improve your performance by uploading engaging content, and PRO offers promotional tools and analytics to gain a competitive edge online. With Rate Connect, you can promote your official website rates in order to drive direct bookings.

Register your property for free on trivago Business Studio today by clicking here.

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Are you a Hotel Chain?

It’s a competitive market out there, and connecting with guests online isn’t always easy. That’s why we offer Direct Connect, enabling you to publish your own website rates directly on trivago and become more competitive online

Start capitalizing on qualified traffic and drive more direct bookings with trivago. Contact us here

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Are you a Connectivity Provider?

Provide your clients with what they need to successfully compete in trivago’s marketplace. Our innovative tools make it easy and efficient for independent hoteliers to improve their hotel profiles with us, and promote their own website rates to trivago users.

The integration process is managed by our expert technical team, while our account managers are available to support your clients with ongoing campaign optimization, as well as guidance on additional tools and features.

Expand your portfolio and offer your clients more services by contacting us here.

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Are you an Online Travel Agency?

With metasearch sites being the starting point for many travelers, trivago can boost your presence on a global scale, and connect you to millions of users searching for their ideal hotel. That means more qualified traffic for you.

With full control over your bidding campaigns, you can be as competitive as you want. Our technical team ensures a smooth integration, while our account managers provide ongoing support with campaign optimization and consultation.

Start capitalizing on qualified traffic and drive more bookings with trivago. Contact us here

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Our Business Model

Having your business listed on trivago is pretty simple stuff. Whether you are a booking site, hotel chain, or an independent hotel, you can advertise your rates using a “cost-per-click” model.

This means that you are only charged when a user clicks on your advertised rate for a hotel. They are then referred directly to your website, where they can complete their booking.

We also allow users to refine their search to better match their needs, providing you with transaction-ready referrals.

Connect with our users

With millions of monthly visits to our websites and apps, we believe trivago—a leading global hotel metasearch—is a valuable marketing channel for you.

We have dedicated sales teams that provide tailored advice to booking sites, hotel chains, independent hotels, and connectivity providers. They maintain ongoing relationships with you, to better understand your needs and objectives.




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